Your Paediatric Practice in Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany

Have a first look at our paediatric practice by watching NDR’s video interview of Dr. Said.

Our surgery is located about 180 meters (ie. 200 yards) from Blankenese S-Bahn station, which connects with the S1 and S11 services (Wedel to Poppenbuettel/Airport), and bus services 189, 1, 22, 286, 36, 48, 49 and 601. The building, of which the second the floor houses our surgery, is on the right hand side of Bahnhofstrasse (as seen from the station), and clearly marked by the logo of Deutsche Bank, which occupies the ground floor.

To reach the entrance to the 2nd floor you walk the length of the building, turn right, and right again, and take the side-entrance at the back (technically in Friedrich-Legahn-Strasse, which is the first turning off Bahnhofstrasse on the right). You have to walk only a few steps before you reach the lift which takes you to the 2nd floor.

If you travel by car, there are reserved parking spaces at the rear of the building, and plenty of public parking (especially in the market square on Mondays and Thursdays, and Tuesday afternoons).

If you have problems finding us, give us a ring at 040 865962, tell us where you are, and we will direct you.

Paediatrician Dr. med. M. Said